Protecting What You Value the Most

Are you facing a divorce, custody or child support fight, an alimony disagreement, or some other family law dispute? Would you like to protect your family home and assets, your legacy, and provide for your spouse and/or children after you die? Do you want to decide and control how your affairs and healthcare decisions are handled if you ever become incapacitated or disabled?

Your answers to these questions, and the decisions that you make today, can have serious and long-lasting consequences.

That’s where Sparks Family Law can help. As a family-centered law practice, we help protect the people and things that are important to you by advocating passionately in your legal case, and by preparing personalized, effective estate plan documents that set forth your directions once you can no longer do so yourself, rather than letting the State of California make those decisions for you.

FAMILY LAW – Marriage, Divorce, Children, and Family Matters
Relationships sometimes come to an end, and regrettably not always in the most amicable way. Conflict can quickly arise about issues such as child custody, child support, paternity, alimony (spousal support), division of marital property or debt, and even domestic violence. Military service members and dependent spouses face their own unique issues when seeking a military divorce. There are even times when the legal validity of a marriage itself is in dispute. And non-married parents face mostly the identical legal rights and obligations regarding their children as do married parents.

Instead of conflict, maybe you’re ready to open the doors to your home and your heart by adopting a child as your own. Perhaps you’re preparing to get married and want to have a premarital (prenuptial) agreement to serve as a backup plan for how to end your marriage peacefully, without much litigation or conflict, in the unfortunate event that you and your spouse separate or divorce in the future.

Or it might be that you and your spouse have decided to go your own separate ways and divorce on somewhat friendly terms, but you want to make sure that your court documents are written properly and your settlement agreement is legally enforceable in the way that you intend, and avoid having to go to court in the first place.

Because we focus exclusively on family-related cases, Sparks Family Law has the expertise to advise, counsel, strategize, and litigate your family law case from start to finish, from relatively simple matters through difficult, complex, or high-conflict cases. We strive to level the playing field for every client – whether you are the family breadwinner, a stay-at-home parent, a single mother or father, or the victim of domestic violence – to help preserve the future you deserve.

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ESTATE PLANS – Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and your Children
Estate planning is not only for the rich and famous. If you have any assets – a home, business, pension or retirement accounts, automobiles, bank accounts, etc. – an estate plan is important to control what happens when you die. Your estate plan can direct how your money and property is to be managed and your bills are to be paid if you are severely disabled or incapacitated. And it can convey your instructions and preferences for medical treatment to your doctor or other healthcare providers if you are unable to communicate directly with them yourself.

Your estate plan will determine how your property and assets are distributed to your children, and at what age they should receive them. And your estate plan can nominate a preferred legal guardian for your minor children so that your wishes are expressly made known and must be considered by a court in determining what is in their best interests after you pass.

An estate plan can be very simple. Or it could be very complex. It can be a court-based plan, or a plan that keeps your estate entirely out of probate court. Once we identify your goals, we will walk through your options and prepare a plan that works for what you want to happen. In the absence of an estate plan, the State of California will make most of the decisions for you. In the long run, not having a plan can be much more expensive than the cost to create one, and can create enormous conflict within your family.

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To schedule your initial consultation, a second legal opinion, or to start working on your estate plan, call us at (925) 465-2500 or (707) 398-6008, or send us an email. Our offices are conveniently located in Contra Costa County and Solano County, but many of our clients are located throughout California and across the country and prefer to handle their affairs remotely via Skype/FaceTime, email, and telephone. We are always happy to utilize technology whenever possible.


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