Increasing Trend for Men to Receive “Manimony”

According to CNN, changing times and changing attitudes have resulted in a growing trend of men receiving alimony – or spousal support, as it’s called in California – in the aftermath of a divorce.

money-thumbCalifornia Family Code §4300 mandates that spouses have a duty to support each other.

According to the CNN article, only 4% of women nationwide (according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics) pay spousal support, despite that 33% of higher wage earners in the family are women. Whether this is due to the stigma historically associated with men receiving “manimony” or other social factors can probably be debated endlessly. However, the increasing trend of fathers remaining home and being the primary caregivers for their children has likely led to the increasing trend of men receiving spousal support, according to Jeffrey Leving, an Illinois divorce attorney and author. “It’s becoming more socially acceptable for men to be primary parents,” he says.

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