What Moms Can Learn from Dads

Fathers who are primary parents find more time for leisure and less time for chores, and overall present their children with a healthier picture of domestic life than do mothers who are primary parents, according to column that appeared in USAToday over the weekend.

Although primary-father households are less common than primary-mother households (fathers typically provide about 40% less child care on a daily basis than mothers, and primary-father households only make up about 20% of families with young children) researchers seem to be learning that fathers tend to do things a little bit differently, and in some cases a little better, than in more traditional families.

According to the columnist, today’s fathers are teaching mothers four lessons:

1) It’s OK to keep a hand in the workforce.
It doesn’t have to be “work or stay home.”

2) You don’t have to do the laundry. Domestic work
and child care can be negotiated as separate jobs.

3) Parents are people, too. Give yourself permission
to have leisure time.

4) Kids need both parents.
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