California Divorce Lawyer Arrested for Soliciting Wife’s Murder

Clients going through the divorce process in California aren’t the only ones who struggle to cope with the stress of a failed marriage. The attorneys do, too.

La Jolla family law attorney Steven Robert Liss was arrested this past Monday and charged with solicitation to commit murder, false imprisonment and spousal battery, according to the Los Angeles Times and the ABA Journal.

Liss was arrested after his wife, Karen, and other members of the community contacted police with information that he was trying to harm her. “The investigation revealed that on multiple occasions over the past several months, Liss sought the help of others to have his wife murdered,” said San Diego police spokesperson Monica Munoz.

Since 1987 when he began to practice law, Liss’ law license has been suspended twice as a result of client complaints that he failed to complete legal work on their behalf.policeline2-thumb

No amount of stress from a failed marriage can justify a person’s attempt to murder his/her spouse. However, the stress caused by failed marriages and divorce filings can be quite disabling in some instances, and can lead parties to make less rational decisions than they would otherwise do when not under the influence of stress.

For this reason, I strongly advocate that parties seek individual counseling or therapy to learn how to cope with this stress when faced with divorce. Furthermore, I almost always recommend that parents additionally seek out “co-parenting counselors” to help them learn how to parent their children together in the new post-separation reality.

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