Georgia Judge’s Commentary on “Disposable Marriage”

Justice Leah Ward Sears, who stepped down from her position of Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court just this past week, has written an interesting commentary condemning what she calls “disposable marriage” and “casual divorce.” These are terms frequently used to describe what we in California call “no fault” divorce.

Justice Sears, who has “long held a front row seat to the wreckage left behind by our culture of disposable marriage and casual divorce,” writes from a very personal perspective, having recently suffered the loss of her brother who took his own life in the aftermath of his divorce. Justice Sears believes her brother struggled with having been cut off from his children and suffered from the immense pain of his divorce and the limitations placed on his ability to raise his children after divorce.

She writes, “I believe the United States and a host of Western democracies are engaged in an unintended campaign to diminish the importance of marriage and fatherhood. By refusing to do everything we can to stem the rising rate of divorce and unwed childbearing, our country often isolates fathers (and sometimes mothers) from their children and their families.”

Whether you agree with Justice Sears’ viewpoint or not, it’s a worthwhile read and a different take on our California “no fault divorce” than we usually hear from attorneys and judges.

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