Anatomy of a Breakup

OK, summer’s over, school’s back in session and it’s time to get back to blogging. I saw this article in the San Jose Mercury News over the weekend about a California couple going through a divorce and thought it was quite interesting.
unhappyIn many ways, the experience of the couple about whom the article is written is similar to the situation many of my clients find themselves in. Including the legal fees. When a couple is unable to work things out between themselves, or at least work things out in a collaborative, reasonable manner, it’s not unusual for each party to spend $15K, $20K or $25K in attorney fees during a divorce. If not much more.

My recommendation for anyone considering a divorce is that both parties first consult with a competent family law attorney who is more interested in providing honest advice than making a sales pitch. Generally, these consultations are not free but will run somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 – $300. In the long run, divorcing parties will be better served with an attorney who tells them the truth and gives a realistic assessment of each party’s rights AND obligations during divorce (as opposed to what they want to hear).

Then, after the consultations, the parties should sit down and try to reach agreement on as many of the issues as possible. If you can’t reach agreement on all issues, that’s okay, too, but at least you will have minimized the number of disputes the attorneys need to handle during the case (translation: less attorney fees).

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