Welcome to Our New Site!

Yes, it’s taken a while, but we’ve finally completed the transition to our new web and blog site. As you can imagine, an awful lot of time, energy and planning went into this project. You may have also noticed that we’ve changed our name. The Law Offices of Gary D. Sparks is now Sparks Family Law, Inc.

We’re excited about the new look and features on the site, and hope that you are, too. We plan to make regular blog postings each week from this point forward to keep you informed of recent developments in family law, to provide useful information, or just to relay interesting facts or stories as they arise or as we come across them.



We want to hear from you.  As you browse through out new site, please let us know if we goofed and made a mistake somewhere.  Despite the best laid plans of mice and me, occasionally errors can slip through.  Or, if you want more information about other California family law and divorce issues, please contact attorney Gary D. Sparks at (925) 465-2500 or (707) 398-6008. You may also send a contact request directly through our website by clicking on the “Contact Us” buttons to the right of this article.