Online Self-Help Available for California Divorce, Custody, Support and Other Family Law Matters

Are you a self-represented party getting ready to begin the process of divorce in California? Or a single parent seeking child support from your children’s other parent? Do you have an attorney who’s not speaking to you but instead is speaking at you, and you’re overwhelmed and lost in the process?

The good news is that there are plenty of self-help and information resources available on the Internet. The bad news is that the resources on the Internet are not always reliable nor accurate. Pay particular attention to the source of any information you obtain online. Amateur attorneys are everywhere, and you have to sort out the reliable information from the hyperbole.

738856_macbook_product_shot_1Two of the best starting places are the self-help pages of the California Courts and the consumer information pages of the California Bar Association. If you’re so inclined, you can even browse the entire California Family Code.

The California Department of Child Support Services has a very informative site for both parents, compete with an online child support calculator.

LawHelpCalifornia is a site dedicated to helping low-income families who need LegalAid or other help find the resources you need.

Finally, for families with children who are already divorced, separated or living apart, take a look at Our Family Wizard. While this is not a free service (it’s a fee-based, subscription service), it provides families with an invaluable set of tools for managing shared communications, schedules and other or other information necessary for successful co-parenting relationships. In case you’re wondering, I have no interest nor relationship whatsoever with the service.

Over the coming weeks and months, I plan to post more information about additional self-help resources. Bookmark this blog; or better yet, subscribe to one of the newsfeeds that are listed along the left side of your browser window.

For more information about marriage, divorce or other California family law issues, please contact attorney Gary D. Sparks.