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An Overview About Family Law Legal Fees

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Many factors can affect the total cost of attorney fees in a family law case, including the complexity of the legal issues presented, the level of conflict between the parties, the size of the marital estate, the (un)reasonableness of the opposing party and/or opposing attorney, and the individual needs of each client.

No two family law cases are exactly alike, and because of that, the cost of fees in different cases which might seem similar to each other on the surface can actually be quite different from each other.  Attorney fees can be perplexing and frustrating at times, and can even become a source of friction between attorney and client.  Understanding the attorney’s fee structure and how fees are charged, and how they must be timely paid in order to continue receiving legal services, can go a long way towards minimizing that friction, and towards helping clients recognize how to control their legal costs to the extent that they can do so.

At Sparks Family Law, we strive to have consistent and open communication with our clients about financial matters and legal fees throughout their case.  We make our fee schedule reasonable and transparent.  Although we may not be able to predict the total cost of your case, an open dialogue about attorney fees is the only way to make you feel at ease with them so that you can focus on the substantive issues in your case.

You will find basic fee information on this page, but you should always discuss your prospective attorney fees and costs with your attorney in advance.  For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, cashier’s checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (credit card charges are subject to a small bank processing fee).

Family Law Fee Structure

Hourly Rates:

This is frequently one of the first questions clients ask us when they walk through our doors.  An attorney’s hourly rate is based on a combination of factors, including the attorney’s experience, qualifications, expertise and overall demand in the marketplace.  But hourly rates don’t tell the whole story.  An inefficient or rookie lawyer with a lowball hourly rate may take three or four hours to complete a task that an experienced attorney with a higher hourly rate can finish in about an hour.  We strive to be efficient and cost-effective in all services we provide.

Our hourly rates are mid-range for the Bay Area.  You can probably find attorneys who will charge less per hour – and most certainly those who charge much more, but without bringing any greater skills or expertise to the table.  For 2017, we will continue to keep our rates at this reasonable level and believe you will be hard-pressed to find a family law practice that will provide you with greater value in return for your fees:

Attorney  –  $395/hour
Paralegal  –  $250/hour

We offer discounted hourly rates – upon request only at the very outset of the case – for active duty military service members and their spouses, and members of the Masonic family.

Fee Payment Options:

 – When you hire us, you pay a deposit (initial retainer) to open your account.  The deposit is used to pay down your legal fees as your case proceeds.  You will receive monthly invoices detailing all of the services provided, the time it took for each service and the amount charged.  When the deposit reaches a certain minimum level, you then post another deposit to replenish your account back up to the original amount (or some other amount as appropriate).  When your case is resolved, any unused retainer amount will be refunded to you.

Your required deposit level is set depending on what may be occurring in your case over the next several months.  Initial retainers can range anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000 depending on the complexity of your case and how time-intensive we anticipate it will be as we move forward.

AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS – this is an option we offer solely at our discretion and only in very limited circumstances for clients who have significant financial limitations, can demonstrate reliable and regular income from employment, and have a credit card available for automatic payments each month.

Under this option, you pay a lower deposit (initial retainer) to open your account, and then automatically pay a fixed amount every 30 days on a credit card (or debit credit card).  You still receive detailed monthly invoices, but you only pay the automatic, fixed amount each month.  If the invoice is more than the automatic payment, then you have a negative carryover balance to the next month.  If the invoice is less than the automatic payment, then you have a positive carryover credit to the next month.  Once your case is resolved, any carryover credit remaining will be refunded to you.  If you have a carryover balance owing, you continue to make the automatic monthly payments until the balance is paid in full.

Your required deposit level and the automatic fixed monthly payment are set depending on the complexity of the case, how time-intensive we anticipate it will be, and your own financial circumstances, and will be determined at your initial consultation.

FLAT FEE (aka “FIXED FEE”) – in some circumstances, we are able to quote a flat fee for a very specific service.  Flat fees are quoted on a case-by-case basis, paid up front, and the scope of the services to be provided must be very clearly defined.

For example, if you need an attorney to appear with you for an upcoming hearing (e.g. a limited scope appearance), we can offer a set, fixed fee for this service.  If you want to meet with an attorney prior to the hearing to discuss strategy, we can offer a set, fixed fee for the meeting.  If you need an attorney to draft a motion to request certain court orders, or to respond to a motion with which you were served, we can offer a set, fixed fee for this service.  And so on.

But not every case or situation lends itself to being appropriate for a flat fee.  For example, we cannot perform all the services needed for an entire divorce at a set, fixed fee because we don’t know what the scope of the services will be in your particular case.  We cannot perform generic tasks (e.g. “respond to discovery”) for the same reason.  Flat fees are quoted and offered only for very specific, clearly defined tasks, and the practicality of this option is a point of discussion for your consultation.

Family Law Services

We provide a variety of divorce and family law services to our clients, from traditional full-service representation to limited scope (“unbundled”) services and mediation.  Please click the following links to learn more about how we can help you with your family law matter:

Estate Planning Services

We offer a range of personal and family estate-planning services, from drafting living trusts and other special trusts to preparation and/or modification of wills and codicils. Every estate planning package includes a Durable Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Matters, in addition to a California Advance Health Care Directive, although we have drafted only these documents alone for several clients. Click below for more information:

Guardianship and Additional Probate Services

Guardianship cases are billed on an hourly basis similar to family law cases as described above, with an advance deposit paid to open your account.

We will be introducing a comprehensive set of additional probate services later this year, including Estate Administration, Spousal Property Petitions, Litigation of Claims against an Estate, and Will Contests. Watch for an update in the near future.