Unbundled Attorney Services

An Attorney Only When You Need One (“A La Carte”)

For some clients, full-service legal representation is simply not financially possible. Other times, clients feel they have their case under control and prefer to represent themselves but still want to consult with an attorney for help with their legal pleadings, pretrial coaching or case strategy and advice.

That’s where unbundled attorney services come in. When attorneys offer unbundled services to their clients, they provide only those services that the client wants to pay for, leaving to the client those tasks that the client can do for himself or herself. You choose what the attorney is used for, and you decide what to handle on your own.

With an unbundled services attorney, you will find your legal fees to be significantly lower than with a full-service attorney. At the same time, you will have access to skilled legal assistance when you need it. Of course, you ultimately remain responsible for and in charge of your own case. This includes knowing what documents to file, prepare and serve, and complying with all statutory and court-ordered deadlines. It also means acting as your own attorney in hearings and trial, and knowing how to propound or respond to motions, discovery, depositions and subpoenas.

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Types Of Unbundled Services:

Individual Project Services

Project services are for clients who want to hire an attorney for a very specific purpose, such as ghostwriting a legal pleading or responding to one, propounding a discovery request, preparing financial disclosure documents, performing legal research, writing a brief, drafting attorney correspondence to others, etc. We are typically able to quote a flat fee for each individual project.

Pay-As-You-Go Services
Pay-as-you-go services are for clients who need regular ongoing access to an attorney for advice and assistance, including emails, phone calls, etc. You are charged our regular hourly rates only for the time we spend on your case at your direction, and we request a reasonable retainer in advance that is significantly smaller than for full-service representation.

Consulting Attorney for Mediation
Consulting attorney services are for clients who are working with their spouses and/or a private mediator, but who want a consulting attorney on their side with whom they can discuss the law, case strategy, settlement options, and review proposals and draft Judgments. You are charged our regular hourly rates only for the time we spend on your case at your direction, and we request a reasonable retainer in advance that is significantly smaller than for full-service representation.

Limited Scope Attorney Court Appearances
Limited Scope services are for clients who need a one-time attorney court appearance to handle either one or all of the issues before the court on that particular date. Click on the link above for more information.

“Hourglass” Family Law and Divorce Coaching Program
Many clients get themselves into trouble because they can’t (or won’t) call an attorney to ask questions because they don’t want to run up their legal fees. This is highly counter-productive, and leads to even more legal fees down the road when things frequently can and do go wrong. The hourglass program eliminates this problem and gives you regular access to an attorney each month.

Here’s how it works:  you decide on how many hours of attorney services you need each month (we currently offer 2-, 4- and 8-hour packages). In return, you pay a flat, fixed fee per month for those hours. You can use some or all of the block of hours each month, and can use them for legal research, consulting, coaching and advice. Document preparation and special projects are charged on an independent basis, but the charges are made clear beforehand. This program offers you the certainty of knowing exactly how much your legal fees will be each month, while giving you the peace of mind of knowing you can pick up the phone and ask a question without running up a bill.  Even better, the attorney hourly fees are discounted for each of the three packages. There is a minimum 3-month commitment to start, but you can remain on this plan for the duration of your case if you choose.

2-hour package:  $700/month
4-hour package:  $1,300/month
8-hour package:  $2,400/month