Estate Planning

Estate planning is the area of law dealing with how parties arrange for the disposition of their estates upon death through the use of wills, trusts, insurance policies and other devices.

If you have any assets – a home, business, pension or retirement accounts, automobiles, bank accounts, etc. – an estate plan is important to direct what happens at the time of your death. Without an estate plan, the State of California will decide what happens to your assets.

An estate plan can also direct how your financial and medical affairs are handled if you are severely disabled or incapacitated. It can set forth your intentions regarding your healthcare in the event you are rendered unconscious or otherwise unable to state your wishes directly to medical providers.

Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. A properly crafted estate plan can benefit anyone with children, assets or an interest in directing their own healthcare. It will determine what happens to your home, assets, investments and business according to your own desires and direction, and not that of the state.

We understand how important it is to help you ensure your personal and financial matters are appropriately handled when the time comes, and will work closely with you to identify your goals and objectives so that your estate plan properly reflects those same goals and objectives.

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